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MC Step-Up




“A great product”

“Worthy of serious investigation”

“…a superb measured performance”
“…proved my suspicions that the MC input of many phono stages is far worse than their MM inputs and it’s this extra gain stage that damages their overall performance on MC” – Dave Price, Hi-Fi World October 2011

“Put simply, through the MFA, the music sounds fuller, cleaner and more solidly focused.”

“…offers tangible improvements in sound quality and greatly reduced noise – even compared to the best solid-state MC step-up pre amplifiers.

“…a winning combination of rich, silky smoothness and focused incisive clarity” – Jimmy Huges, Hi-Fi Choice Issue 337

“the MFA Step-up proved to be the quietest way to raise delicate MC output I’ve heard”

“…you’re in rarefied super-fi territory”
“…blissfully quiet backgrounds up to insane volume positions”

“The very essence of vinyl record fidelity is preserved with this moving-coil step up transformer” – Andrew Harrison, Hi-Fi + January 2010

Moving coil Step-Up V2 reviews to follow Spring 2016

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