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Baby Reference V2 reviews

HiFi + June 2015 HiFi + BRV2 review by Jason Kennedy.

HiFi Pig September 2016 Click HiFi Pig BRV2 for external review by Stuart Smith

Customer review October 2017. BRV2_Rikard



Classic V2 pre amplifier reviews.



2012 On line review from Tone Audio in the US Click here.

2018 customer testimonial from John Humphreys classical musician Classic_V2_Humphreys



Baby Classic Pre Amp reviews

Baby Classic Pre Amps are built and available for shipping.


The Baby Classic scored highest sound quality marks in a HiFi Critic Pre Amp shoot out


“and the  sound quality winner is  Music First Audio” :  hifi-critic Vol 10 /No 2 April-June 2016  Click to read the shoot out report.Musgrave on line controls