Moving Coil Step Up Transformers

Music First Audio has a long history in the production of fine moving coil step up transformers or SUT. These MC cartridge phono amp matching units are used in vinyl systems around the world by many happy customers. Please look below and make your choice.  Visit the Offers page for some great SUT offers ready to ship.

2021/2022 range.

3 MC step up units are available in the range

MC Step up transformer MC Step-Up 632. Priced at £625GBP excluding  VAT.

Baby Classic MC step up transformer. Priced at £1575.00 GBP excluding  VAT.

Classic V2 MC step up transformer. Priced at £2475.00 GBP excluding  VAT.

 MC Step Up 632.

The  MC Step-Up transformer 632 is wound to a step up ratio of the customer’s choice. The usual 1:10 step up ratio is normally available off the shelf. Internal loading resistors can be fitted to customer’s specification. All the Music First Audio step up transformers are designed to give many decibels of external passive gain to enable a MC cartridge to feed a MM Phono Amplifier.

Moving Coil cartridge step up transformer 632. Standard ratio 1:10. Other ratios available on request. Available in silver or black casework

Available in Black or Silver casework.

158 mm deep. Inc RCA’s
108 mm wide
44 mm high

Baby Classic MC Step-Up


Choose your step up ratio. 1:5,1:10 or 1:20. Standard off the shelf units are 1:10 step up. Other ratios are available on request. 6 position loading switch available on the front panel

3 position ground lift switch. Grounding post. Available with optional XLR inputs and outputs.
Available in silver or black case work

The Music First Audio Baby Classic Moving Coil Step-Up Transformer ( SUT ) uses the legendary Stevens & Billington Limited TX103 MC Step-Up transformer.

Selectable cartridge loading. Via 6 position switch on the front panel.

3 way grounding switch allows any grounding issues to be addressed easily.

Transformer isolates components, breaking ground loop problems and reducing noise.

Transformer offers gain without adding noise or colouration

Available in black or silver casework.

Classic V2 MC Step-Up unit

Three position ratio step up switch. Six position loading switch
Grounding post and 3 position earth lift switch.

Copper wound priced at £2475GBP excluding  VAT.  Silver wound available at £5250 excluding  VAT.

The MC Step-Up V2 is the ultimate moving coil step up transformer. A 25% bigger core than the Baby Classic step-up model.

New step up transformer RX103

New transformer casing.

Improved transformer mounting.

3 ratio step up switch (4 position for silver wound )

6 position loading switch.

Available in black or silver casework.