MC Step Up Transformers

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3 MC step up units are available in the range

MC Step up transformer MC Step-Up 632. Launched April 2015

Classic MC step up transformer. 2004 – present

Classic V2 MC step up transformer. 2014 – present

Launched April 2015. The MC Step Up 632.

Step_up_632          MFAUDIO

Priced at £550GBP plus VAT if applicable. Available in 3 colors.

Priced at $715 USD plus local tax.

The MC Step-Up transformer 632 is wound to a step up ratio of the customer’s choice. The usual 1:10 step up ratio is normally available off the shelf. Internal loading resistors can be fitted to customer’s specification. All the Music First Audio step up transformers are designed to give many decibels of external passive gain to enable a MC cartridge to feed a MM Phono Amplifier.

Available in RED, Black and Silver casework.

158 mm deep. Inc RCA’s
108 mm wide
44 mm high

Classic MC Step-Up


Priced at £1700.00 GBP plus VAT if applicable.

Priced at $2210 USD plus local taxes.

The Music First Audio Moving Coil Step-Up Transformer ( SUT ) uses the legendary Stevens & Billington Limited TX103 MC Step-Up transformer.

With gain and loading selectable from the front panel, the Music First Audio MC Step-Up Transformer offers exceptional performance coupled with outstanding flexibility

Our products are built by hand in on the south coast of the UK. This allows us to offer a wide range of custom options and modifications.

Selectable gain ratio (14dB, 20dB and 26dB). Via 3 position switch.

Selectable cartridge loading. Via 6 position switch

All internal connections use 0.6mm silver coated solid core copper wire with PTFE insulation, point to point hand wired (Silver version features 99.99% pure silver winding an internal wiring).

All components are of the highest quality; gold plated RCA connectors and Swiss made ELMA silver contact rotary switches.

Each unit is entirely hand constructed and rigorously tested, both mechanically and electrically.

3 way grounding switch allows any grounding issues to be addressed easily.

Transformer isolates components, breaking ground loop problems and reducing noise.

Transformer offers gain without adding noise or colouration

The Music First Audio MC Step-Up Transformer is placed between a low output Moving Coil phono cartridge and the Moving Magnet input of a phono pre-amplifier to increase gain. Because it is transformer based, the Music First Audio MC Step up increases gain without adding noise and because it uses a very high quality transformer, it adds no colouration. It is housed in a custom designed aluminium case measuring 88mm x 216mm x 200mm The core component of the Moving Coil Step-Up unit is the legendary Stevens & Billington TX103 MC Step up transformer. This hand crafted transformer is the result of almost forty years of high end transformer design. The transformer features a split, four section primary winding which allows gain ratios of 1:5 (14dB gain), 1:10 (20dB gain) and 1:20 (26dB gain). Like all Music First Audio products, each unit is made by hand at our workshop on the south coast of the UK.

Classic V2 MC Step-Up unit


Priced at £2500GBP plus VAT if applicable

Priced at $3250 USD plus local taxes.

The MC Step-Up V2 is the ultimate moving coil step up transformer. A 25% bigger core than the Classic step-up model.

New step up transformer RX103

New transformer casing.

Improved transformer mounting.

3 ratio step up switch

6 position loading switch.

The front panel is available in many colours.