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I have not heard a better preamp, and I’ve been looking for more than 30 years.” Sam Tellig,Stereophile.

Users of Music First Audio products are not just customers buying into the latest fad, they are owners of a product that can be tailored to their needs, has been developed and hand built in England to the very highest standards, by the owner and second generation proprietor of the renowned and highly respected Stevens and Billington Ltd, who have been building high quality transformers since the 1960s.

 No active preamp sounds this transparentJason Kennedy,Hi-Fi +magazine.

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The expertise that can only truly be learned from decades of hard work, attention to detail, experience and skill have truly culminated in a series of audio products like no other. It is widely recognised and accepted that both sonically, and in terms of provenance they stand head and shoulders above the crowd by some considerable margin.”

And the sound quality winner, is Music First Audio. “ Hi-Fi Critic, passive preamplifier industry shoot-out

Any and all of the considerable success, loyal customers, accolades and awards which Music First has gratefully received over the years has not been achieved by vast advertising budgets, or employing a marketing team, but rather by adhering to a far simpler and more personal approach. It has relied on the listener. The customer is aware that they are using a product that simply delivers quite remarkably, the beauty of music as the artists recording intended, developed with the passion, integrity, and sole purpose of putting the music first .

Get in touch now to arrange a home demonstration, and listen to the game changing hi-fi equipment your ears have been waiting for.

It just feels like you are closer to being in the Studio” Alan Sircom. HiFi +

it allows you to experience the finer details in a recording like no other preamplifier I’ve yet heard.  And that’s the crux of it really I think; If a product connects you with the music and the musicians on a level that is emotional and inspiring then you know you’ve found the product for you.


Preamplifier of the Year 2006 Hi-Fi News.
Preamplifier of the year 2005

Editors Choice 2004

Preamplifier of the year 2010 Hi-Fi World.
Preamplifier of the year 2006

Best of 2005 6 Moons.
Writers Choice award 2005

Class A recommended component Stereophile.

Hi-Fi Plus Top 100 2019

Av Showrooms  Gold Show Award “best Sound” 2014

The best Preamplifier ever made” David Price,Hi-Fi World.