April 13th Record store day!


Record Shop Day 2019 is on Saturday 13th April. Get yourself to your nearest store and indulge yourself in some hot wax! No need to wait for the day as anytime is good to buy the black stuff.

We need not remind you that we at Music First Audio take all things vinyl VERY seriously. So seriously that we make moving coil step up transformers. Why, because for us vinyl has always been a fantastic way to enjoy our music and remains so. Prematurely declared dead and gone, its revival in the last decade is worthy of its very own track on Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. 

Let’s look at why the appeal of vinyl remains so high! The long player is just about to celebrate its 70th Birthday which is absolutely astonishing. The days of 45 singles are now gone, but the LP remains so popular with both music fans, audiophiles and hipsters for good reasons. For us LP reproduction is all about sound quality, but we also appreciate the collectability and tactile quality that vinyl has to offer. Even second hand vinyl delivers. The buyer gets the hands on experience of record cleaning in all its various forms. Anyone for a quick rub down with D’Art du Son? OK streaming and downloads still account for the lion’s share of music purchases, but for sheer je ne sais quoi vinyl is the winner. Vinyl covers on your wall offer instant cool art. What’s not to love.

Vinyl under arm says so much more about the individual than what’s on their phone’s playlist. For the older generation it’s all about who they were and their social and artistic history. For a younger generation it is about buying into the artist and giving support in a tangible form. For everyone it’s about an art form that drives something inside us all, so whether you are an old vinyl hand or just starting out it’s a musical format with a lot to offer. 

Lately we have been getting into box sets of remastered works. A few years ago the Beatles mono remasters made a big impression on us and the recent remasters from Kate Bush are very high quality. We are always on the lookout for a good box set, but just as welcome are offers of single albums that once were only on CD but have now become available on LP due to demand. A recent purchase of the 1997 beyond the Missouri Sky by Charlie Hayden and Pat Metheny looks set to grace our turntable. Let’s hope the sound is as excellent as the CD.

Enjoy a trip to a record shop and perhaps try out a lovely Music First Audio SUT Moving Coil Step Up Transformers