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Thank you for choosing to view the Music First Audio website. Music First Audio products are sold around the world and are designed to bring high quality audio reproduction to your home system and give many years of listening pleasure. Designed and made in the UK.

Launching October 2017 the new Music First Audio 100W monoblocks. First review now available here

“Nothing gets past this amplifier” “An exceptionally fast, detailed and honest portrayal of the music.”  HiFi Pig November 2017


Now shipping the Senlac SJE power amplifiers around the world. Click here for the Senlac SJE power amplifier page.



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The Music First Audio Classic Pre Amplifier was introduced in 2003 and positioned itself at the very heart of a true high end hi fi systems. The Classic V2, Reference and Baby Reference pre amplifiers followed and the awards kept coming.

Now the Music First Audio product range includes the passive moving coil cartridge step up transformers and recently the introduction of the active transistor and valve, Classic and Reference, MM Phono Amplifiers. Please take a look at the following pages and all sales and technical questions can be made using the contact page.

Music First Audio products are made by hand in our workshop in Hastings, East Sussex. Our products are enjoyed by satisfied customers around the world and have received an extraordinary degree of critical acclaim and many international awards. We use only the finest materials and components. Our rigorous testing, quality control and attention to detail ensure that Music First Audio products will give a lifetime’s musical pleasure.

We offer a bespoke service and we are happy to modify any of our standard products to perfectly suit your needs. Our goal today remains the same as it was on our very first day: Put Music First.

Please look around our website. If you need any further information or have any questions comments or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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