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Music First Audio 2018 offers


Now available for immediate shipping a 2009 built Classic Pre Amplifier now fitted with dual mono volume switches.

6 inputs 4 pairs RCA and 2 pairs XLR

+6dB switch to boost output level if needed.

Sliver casework..

Available at £1500 GBP including free shipping.

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Eye catching white and blue printing.
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Many Brand new units in stock and ready to ship. Order today and get free shipping!

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Step up transformers

SUT 632 1:10 ratio silver casework. Built Feb 2018. £500 plus VAT if applicable. Save £50



Baby Classic SUT. Silver casework. 6 position loading switch. Set at 1:10 Step up ratio. Built December 2017. £1400 plus VAT if applicable. Save £100


Phono Amplifiers

Classic Phono Amp 632. Silver casework. Built January 2018. £2100 plus VAT if applicable

Classic_Phono_Amp_632_rear                            Classic_Phono_Amp_632_front


Save £150 GBP


Please email to order your unit or call +44 (0)1424 858260.