Attenuation Steps

Choose your own values of attenuation

The Standard Baby Classic and Classic V2 pre amplifiers are fitted with attenuation steps that vary in 24 positions from 0dB attenuation to 52dB 0f attenuation ( -52dB of gain )

The Baby Reference V2 Pre Amplifier has a 31 position switch with transformer taps giving attenuation from 0dB to 56dB ( -56dB of gain )

The Baby Reference V2 has smaller steps at the low volume end of the scale.

On the Baby Reference V2 model you are able to choose the actual value selected via a custom wound transformer. The lowest value available from 1 turn of copper wire is -66dB the next value from 2 turns is -60dB then from 3 turns the standard value of -56dB is reached.

Custom options for different ranges of attenuation are available on request. High sensitivity speakers being driven with high power amplification will need greater amounts of attenuation. The transformers can be set to give up to -66dB of gain.

If you are using high sensitivity speakers please let us know and the attenuationĀ  settings will be set to match your system.


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