August 2019

Closeup of high end audio hifi knob


October 2017 testimonial of a Baby Reference V2 pre amplifier from Rikard in Sweden
After waiting for way too long, I finally got my Baby Reference v2 today…. things took longer than expected, but I didn’t want to stress Jonathan and here we are today…

As always when connecting new gear I’m worried that I will not be able to hear any difference or that the difference is going to be too subtle to be worth the investment, but I plugged it in and let it play….

My Baby Classic with the v2 transformer was as I’ve said before already a big step up from using the built in volume control in my DAC. Well, if I thought that jump was big, it’s nothing compared to the steps things just took with the absolutely amazing Baby Reference v2.

I could use all superlatives in the world to describe it and still not be sure if it made it justice. I’m very very impressed!

Actually, for some time I have felt that things could sometimes be a bit too harsh sounding, and this is something I have been thinking about how I could address. I did not at all expect the Baby Ref V2 to solve this for me, but it sounds like it did just that! I think the word “analogue” is being overused all the time these days to describe our digital experience, but I’m afraid that’s the word I want to use here as well. It’s very non-fatiguing, very smooth, very warm and addictive. I just want to keep cranking that volume up!!

As a passive (transformer based) preamp you would expect it to just get out of it’s way kind of…. and maybe that’s what it does… maybe it allows my DAC and amps to shine even better than they’ve ever done before. I don’t know. I just know that I’m very happy about this purchase. It’s not cheap for sure, nobody ever accused it of being cheap, but is it worth the price? That’s for everyone’s pockets to decide, but right now it feels like one of the best investments I’ve ever done.

If there is a better sounding preamp out there I DON’T want to know about it…. I’m deeply in LOVE with this one!